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What Clients Say

KAAYAM is Excellent Taste of Asafoetida PowderI am so glad to get this brand in our supermarket. We got very good response from our customers. I tried your item and I felt an amazing taste, I quite like it as my stomach won't tolerate garlic. I have a suggestion not only from my side also from my daily customers about your plastic bottle. Please use a glass Container to make it as an excellent one.

asafoetida powder

Subin BalaKrishnan

PRANS is Best Quality Spices Manufacturer My mom brought your item here. 100% satisfied. It is not available where i live now. It has a strong odor, which can be contained by storing the container in a glass jar. It is useful in Indian cooking and anywhere you want an onion & garlic flavor. I recommended my friends to buy your products. If you have any option to export the item to UK, we are ready to take your item. We are bored to use our current Asafoetida powder which contains salmonella and fungus.


Remya Radha Ram, London, UK

Glad to see your brand againI bought it from Kerala Market. I tried it in my soups. Transcend taste. Actually My wife can’t eat garlic and onion. So cooking smelly foods that she can bear is a challenge. This seasoning really helped me add that “garlicky” flavour to my foods without compromising her tummy. How can I get it in our country Portugal.

asafoetida in kerala in india