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About Us

Welcome to PRANS Food Products

The chief ingredient in healthy yummy food is PRANS KAAYAMTM (Asafoetida, Hing). Try today, live another day.

PRANS Food Products is one of the leading Asafoetida/Hing manufacturing companies in Kerala India. We are the chief exporter of Asafoetida products, occupied in offering a wide range of Asafoetida Powder to different parts of the countries. Our products are well tested on various quality parameters. Our company was established in 2019. Our brand name "PRANS" is well-known in terms of quality.

Our KAAYAM TM product comes in powder form and it is standardized, 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, 100gm and 500gm packages for the convenience of the customers. Our popularity graph is growing daily through the feedback of customers and their mouth watering recipes. It is 100% Natural, No preservatives & Great Health Benefits and often used as a Garlic/Onion substitute, also in dal (soups) to offset/help digest beans & lentils

PRANS Food Products are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of spices since 2020. A fusion of Ayurvedic cultures, a truly stimulating taste, Asafoetida is the first release from PRANS Food Products and branded its name as KAAYAM with food & safety management system



Due to the fast changing lifestyle, PRANS is highly concerned about our customer’s health. We deliver healthy products to our customers and make sure our customers are satisfied with the products. PRANS Food Products are not compromising quality in manufacturing the products. Our mission is to become a diverse manufacturing unit in Asia in the brand of quality.



PRANS is responsible for supplying best quality products to the market. Our strength and publicity is through customer satisfaction. Make a healthy food available to all citizens at affordable prices by not compromising its quality. We are highly responsible for corporate citizens by developing an eco friendly working environment and giving lots of job opportunities for their career growth.



Manufacturing Factory of PRANS Food Products is Located at 7 Km from Cochin International Airport, 5 Km from Aluva Railway Station and 5 Km from Aluva Town. We use Ist class (Food grade quality) machines for manufacturing our products.

What Clients Say

KAAYAMTM is Excellent Taste of Asafoetida PowderI am so glad to get this brand in our supermarket. We got very good response from our customers. I tried your item and I felt an amazing taste, I quite like it as my stomach won't tolerate garlic. I have a suggestion not only from my side also from my daily customers about your plastic bottle. Please use a glass Container to make it as an excellent one.


Subin BalaKrishnan

PRANS is Best Quality Spices Manufacturer My mom brought your item here. 100% satisfied. It is not available where i live now. It has a strong odor, which can be contained by storing the container in a glass jar. It is useful in Indian cooking and anywhere you want an onion & garlic flavor. I recommended my friends to buy your products. If you have any option to export the item to UK, we are ready to take your item. We are bored to use our current Asafoetida powder which contains salmonella and fungus.


Remya Radha Ram, London, UK

Glad to see your brand againI bought it from Kerala Market. I tried it in my soups. Transcend taste. Actually My wife can’t eat garlic and onion. So cooking smelly foods that she can bear is a challenge. This seasoning really helped me add that “garlicky” flavour to my foods without compromising her tummy. How can I get it in our country Portugal.